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ReleventRange not updated on resolution change


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(NB: the variable is typo-ed in the code)


ReleventRange is a variable between 0 and 12 which depends on the player's resolution. The greater the resolution, the closer to 12 - the smaller, the closer to 0. It has a ceiling of 12.


It is set during connection/game start, and used for that entire session of play by both the client and the server to determine how far zombies and terrain should be loaded. It is used both in SP and MP.


If the player resizes their window or modifies their resolution after that, the value is not updated to reflect the change, resulting in either invisible terrain/zombies, or useless extra load on the server/client.


It is moderately abusable in MP if the player wishes to suffer the reduced visibility to make zombies disappear very close to them. Example exploit: get to the "Join Server" step of connecting, resize the window to be as small as possible with the button still clickable, click it, wait to load into the game world, resize the window back to full size.


Video of what happens when you do that:



To reproduce in MP:


1. Resize your window so it's very small but you can still click "Join Server"

2. After joining, resize it to your full screen


Potential solutions:


1. Update ReleventRange and resend to the server every time the resolution is changed

2. Add a floor to the ReleventRange value regardless of resolution (right now it can go as low as 0)

3. Enforce a minimum resolution for the game which won't be abusable or problematic when resizing to big screens

4. Prevent the game from being resized while playing


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