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Can't fill a bottle at some sinks.

Hugo Qwerty

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I can fill a bottle using the left sink, but not the right.  Location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#14826x3699x13228


I've seen this before in a few locations with double sinks, and it's always the right hand sink that is the problem one.  IIRC, the en suite bathroom here has the same issue:  https://map.projectzomboid.com/#14576x3032x16345


I've confirmed it is being caused by line 3134 of /media/lua/client/ISUI/ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua


From what I can tell, based on a few print statements inserted into the code, the square in front of the sink is incorrectly considered invalid because of line 14 of /media/lua/shared/Util/AdjacentFreeTileFinder.lua.


if test:Is(IsoFlagType.cutW) or test:Is(IsoFlagType.collideW) then return false; end

Print statements show that test:Is(IsoFlagType.cutW) is returning true for the right sink, but false for the left sink.



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