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Multiplayer is fantastic, but the constant fear of someone walking in to your 'home' is ever present.


In a future update the ability to lock a door would be awesome (like Rust). Doesn't have to be complicated, opening a locked door requires a preset password so your fellow friendly survivors could enter.



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Hi acateon and welcome to the forums :),


Lockable doors have already been confirmed for the future. Please read the pinned threads at the top of the Suggestions forum for Commonly Suggested stuff and How to Write a Good Suggestion.






Passwords I've not heard before, so that may be new. Do a search using the bar in the top right to see if it's been suggested before. It's probably worth using "Password Protected Doors" or similar as a title, as hardly anyone is going to read a "Lock Door" thread, since we already know locked doors are going to happen.

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