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Can you close and re-open the Crafting menu and see if that updates options for you? (that UI needs to update before it'll let you do stuff sometimes)


Also, can you RMC the Tray of Biscuits in char's inventory and Get Biscuits that way?

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18 hours ago, duckpig860 said:

Also, I read the good cooking Vol 2 and I still couldn't make the biscuits


Once you collect all ingredients and utensils you can craft a tray of biscuits which you need to cook in the oven. Then right mouse click on it > get 6 biscuits.


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On 3/10/2023 at 11:24 PM, duckpig860 said:

I tried closing it and re opening, still didn't work, I'm pretty new to the game whats RMC


To top off what Yana said above: biscuits need to be cooked and RMC = right mouse click (in this case, in your character inventory) > get biscuits


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