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Catulus server (PVE,US/EU/24/7)


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Hello, We welcome all to the Catulus server

I'm fairly new to the forums, but Enjoy lots of long time on multiplayer zomboid. 
If you're like me and want a bit of a challenge come on down and try to survive.

Reduced everything. Go out at night time, and you risk dyeing to runners. All sorts of cars to find and fix, none that you'll find in good condition due to it being far off into the pandemic. 

expanded Cloths, medical supplies, food, weapons, and more. Enjoy a life off in a farm, and find a tractor where you can become a farmer.
Single hit is on, toxic gas plagues the world only a gas mask can protect or holing yourself indoors.

Overall a challenging but fun server.

Mod suggestions are welcome to the server.

Overall enjoy your zomboid experience....oh and we have a bladder system.... realism oooh~

Edited by Catulus
Put more work into the server about.
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  • Catulus changed the title to Catulus server (PVE,US/EU/24/7)

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