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[41.78.16] [Multiplayer] Car Alarm/Desync? I dont know.


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• Version?
	• Singleplayer/Multiplayer? MULTIPLAYER 
	• Host or dedicated? HOSTED
	• Mods? Some mods
	• Old or new save? Old, but occurs on brand new hosted server with just 2 players
	• Reproduction steps: It's been happening a long time even before 41.78.16 I just figured I report it here. 
                              So basically, when a car alarm goes off on Player 1's end there is sound coming out from the car and lights blinking in and out while on Player 2's end there's no sound at all but when you get close enough to the car you'll see that the headlights are blinking like how it would be if the alarm got set off. 
                              We got no problem with the ping/connection.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the long reply but yeah we did a recent session and managed to capture the de-sync. Here's my detailed report.

  • Hosted Server - 2 players only with enough ram allotted to it.
  • Version: 41.78.16 
  • Bug: Opening the hood of a car triggers an alarm to the one who opens it but it does not appear on another player's end. Not until the one who opens or I hits the any part of the car.  That is when it syncs up.

Please take note that other world sounds work fine and are in sync(e.g. Chopper sound, house alarm).
I also clicked the "Mods" section in the Menu in the 1st vid to show that the server we tested it on is indeed pure vanilla.
We are also close to each other so ping was not a problem.
I have also re-installed the game and did the Verify Integrity through Steam prior to the recording of this video.

1st video link is from my end. https://youtu.be/gxVOoAfvhxY

2nd video attached here is at her end. https://youtube.com/shorts/hQrlncW7k1w

Here's the Log from that server: https://pastebin.com/4PSmuZ85
Happened around [02-03-23 15:10:22.534] in the log

I instructed my partner to open the hood of a vanilla car and it triggers the alarm at her end while not on mine. It appears to only sync up once one of us hits the vehicle. I thought it was just a mod problem from our server but it has bothered me since it happened frequently and we tried it out on a brand new one.  Now, on my partner's screen (second link), it activated the car alarm upon opening the hood and then once she was able to hit the window you'll hear another alarm pop off from the vanilla van. That second alarm is the one I can hear on my end and not the alarm coming from the opening the hood.

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Bumping this thread just to make an update.

So far all other world sounds like Meta Events, Thunder sound, House alarm, Chopper sounds etc ... appear to work fine and we hear them together. Car alarm coming from zombie bumping into a car or by ramming a car to another vehicle works fine too. Sirens and car horns also. It's just this issue with the car alarm coming from opening the hood which persists in a vanilla hosted server.

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