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Pillow Multi-Tool Mod v1.2

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Pillows are now just not for snuffing out Kate anymore! :)


With this mod you'll be able to turn that once useless item into other useful things.



Pillow Case = Pillow + Butter Knife / Fork / Kitch3n Knife / Nails / Pen / Pencil / Scissors / Screwdriver

Can Filled Pillow Case (weapon) = Pillow Case + 3 Canned Beans / 3 Canned Soup / 3 Dog Food


WARNING!!!: Be sure your Pillow Case is empty before turning it into either a Can Filled Pillow Case or Ripped Bandages, because you'll lose all those items.


You can also recycle everything into ripped bandages.



8 Ripped Bandages = Pillow / Can Filled Pillow Case (sadly you lose the cans)


As for how this mod came about it was over the fact sometimes you get those games where you start surrounded by zombies and can't find a good weapon to literally save you life. Now you can have a better fighting chance.


Version History:



- Discovered Can Filled Pillow Case recipe in 1.1 only appears in menu when you have all can types needed. For some reason game won't let it appear in menu if you have 2 to the 3 and have 3 cans even though PZ understands similar code.

- Went back to 1.0 Pillow Case to Can Filled Pillow Case recipes and added one of each can type recipe.

- Added Pen and Pencil to Pillow Case recipe.

- Getting from Pillow to Can Filled Pillow Case still takes 2 step to keep recipes to a minimum.



- Fixed Pillow Case's WeightReduction from 50 to 70. At 50 Pilow Case was only slightly better than Grocery Bag.

- Streamlined code to make CanFilledPillowCase faster.

- Removed Pillow into Can Filled Pillow Case because of 4 item recipe limit. Takes 2 steps to go from Pillow to Can Filled Pillow Case.



- Turn Pillow into Pillow Case (container).

- Turn Pillow/Pillow Case into Can Filled Pillow Case (weapon).

- Turn Pillow/Pillow Case into Bandages.


Latest Version:





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Wickedly awesome vonVile. I can smash them with food, just awesome. Hey can I take the cans back out and eat them?


Sadly, no. It's a limitation of the scripting language. I tried to do it, but it only gives the bandages and ignores the cans

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I found a bug in v1.1 that I didn't discover until testing the mod in The code below that should logically work doesn't:


recipe Craft Can Filled Pillow Case



Instead of having any 3 combination of Dog Food, Canned Beans or Canned Soup, the game for some reason only will display the craft in the menu if you have all the cans in the recipe.


For those of you that DL'd v1.1 you'll have to go back to v1.0 until there's a way for PZ to understand this code or the programmers make another way to do it.


If anybody knows how to fix this recipe for PZ to display it in the menu when having any 3 cans, but not one of each type of can I can use the help. Thanx!

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