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Hello! In the Sandbox Presets thread, I said I'd make a little collection of some different sandbox loadouts with a few that resemble the lore of different zombie films, like 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend, All Alone, etc., so here it is! 


Please feel welcome contribute one you've thought of if you'd like to share it and stuff, or correct or improve an existing one so this seems a little less dismal and barren and stuff.


28 Days Later:



Dawn of the Dead (2004):



The Walking Dead/Night of the Living Dead (1968):



All Alone:



Stinky Walking Corpses:



My Own thingy-bajiggle:



Hellishly Hardcore:



I am Legend: 


(probably much much much better with a mod or official night active feature thing to balance it)





Left 4 Dead-ish:


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just wanted to ask: the walking dead-lore zombies have eagle eyes, pinpoint hearing and bloodhound smell ?

i might be wrong but TWD probably has the dumbest and easiest to navigate zombies ever. 


real hordes will of course give a hard time, but everything else... nah. 

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My personal The Walking Dead sandbox includes the following:

Population: High, Urban Conc.


Zombie Lore: Fast Shamblers, Weak, Tough, Blood/Saliva, 0-12hrs infection/reanimation, Normal Memory, Poor Sight and Smell, Normal Hearing


I personally don't quite get what Everyone's Infected means, but that would make sense to use for lore purposes and if NPCs were available for play.

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Oh this is pretty interesting, will have to try some of these later. By the way what does decomposition option even do.

I think it's supposed to change how zombies behave after they start decomposing.


I think it means thelonger you survive, the slower / weaker the zombies become. when you start out you have more "faster" zombies (there always seem to be some that are faster than the others) an I think given enough time all will get slower and weaker. but thats is just an assumption

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Decomp. will adjust the types of Zeds you will face, whether they are more varied from the standard settings, or more uniform in behavior. Overtime they will all probably decompose so Slow + Weaken should make Zeds become slower and deal less damage as you progress, however I wouldn't know how much time is needed to see a difference.

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