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Server has part 16262 Closed. Performance may be severely affected


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  • Dear developers of the zomboid project! Of course, your game is very cool, well-designed and bug-free! But recently we had a problem, when logging into a friend's server (if we tried to start the server on both my computer and his), he writes this error: (Server has part 16262 Closed. Performance may be severely affected). We have read half of the Internet, looked through all the solutions to the problem that are available on the Internet, but have not found a solution. We all have ports open (they were specially opened, both on the router and in the braundmer) (if anything, we played without mods! Not on the beta version)we tried to reinstall PZ, tried to create a full-fledged server and nothing came of it, we hope that you know the solution and answer!  (I also add that the settings of the server itself have not changed and this definitely cannot affect the error in any way)(clyde)


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The "port 16262 closed" error is specifically caused by the 16262 UDP port not being correctly opened either on your router or in your firewall. I can only recommend making sure that you correctly port forward the UDP protocol 16261 and 16262 ports to your Local IP. Alternatively, it will show up if you use the "Use Steam Relay" option when connecting to a dedicated server. In which case it can be ignored, if the Steam Relay provides better stability over the direct connection.


Here are some good guides for it as well:




If doing that still does not work, I can only recommend contacting your Internet Service provider to make sure that they allow hosting a server on your IP and that they do not block the 16262 port themselves.

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