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NuperGaming[PvE] - Casual Server


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Welcome to the NuperGaming Casual PvE server. If your looking for a place to hang out and live your best zomboid life
then come check us out. We have plenty of QoL mods and modded location to keep the game exciting. We are 
a small but growing community. We pride ourselves on being a friendly community that is all about team work and helping 
each other out along the way.


Our Server is launching on 28/01/2023 @ 10pm(GMT)

Dont forget to Join us on Discord Link @ bottom of post, In the mean time feel free to check out our years later server here

Server Settings -

Max Players: 32
Basic Starting Gear - Welcome package
Day Length - 2 hours
XP - 1.5
PvP - Disabled 
Water & Electricity 3 months
Loot respawn - 2 Weeks (336 hours)
Safehouse -  1 day 
Faction Creation - 5 days
Nights: Darker
Transmission -  Bite Only 
Zombie population - High
Expanded Helicopter Events - Enabled
Horde Nights - Every 30 days
Free Trait Points - 30
Community Base Location - With Server Shops
Random Zombies - Day Slower + 1% Sprinters - Night Fast + 5% Sprinters

Server Reboots Every 6 Hours
Auto Mod Update - Reboots on Detection.
Server Location: USA

Maps -

Bedford Falls 
Raven Creek 
Slocan Lake
& many more...

Mods -

Rv Interior
Auto Mechanic
Autostar Trailers
Brita Weapons & Armor
Expanded Helicopter Events
Server Points - Lots of Items More being added
& many more...


Server Specs -

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
512GB SSD M.2 NVMe
Server Location: USA

Connection Details -

Server IP: 
Port: 16261


Mod Collection -

Discord -

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