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Replace your character with an NPC (post NPC update)


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So we may one day be able to lead a group of NPCs. Eventually... Someday....  What if, in the case,your character dies, you can replace that character with one of the follower NPC?


It occurred to me that this might solve some issues I have with replacing a late game character - which a character leading a group of NPCs would likely be.


A balance between completely losing your hard earned skills and mods that allow you to regain them entirely.  I respect those of you who start from zero after death but that just isn't for me, and seeing the popularity of the skill book mods, it isn't for many others.  I think getting everything back is a bit too generous though.

If you pick up with one of your followers you could have a character whose skills have been increasing along with yours but wouldn't be quite as high.


Where did your new character come from? They've survived as long as your old character but have no skills?

Its a handy answer to what is, admittedly, more of a RP problem. Your band of NPC survivors are not teaming up with some nobody who has been hiding in his basement the entire time. They are choosing one of their own to be the new leader after they lost their old leader.

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