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You wanna live in the woods but you need medicine? No problem for a real Herbalist!

This Mod adds new recipes and related items for making compressed Painkiller, Antidepressants and Antibiotics,
adds food and cooking recipe always related to living in the wilderness! Much more to come...


New Items:


-Black Sage Poultice (Painkillers)
-Ginseng Poultice (Antidepressants)
-Common Mallow Poultice (Antibiotics)


New Recipes:


-Make Black Sage Poultice
-Make Ginseng Poultice
-Make Common Mallow Poultice
-Make Bottle of Disinfectant out of some wild herbs
-New Literature "Write Herbalist for Dummies"
-Make Soap
-Make Biofuel
-Make Vegetable Oil
-Make Sugar (from honey)


Second Stage:


-Make Painkiller Compress
-Make Antidepressants Compress
-Make Antibiotics Compress


Herbalist Food:


-Make Granola Bar with Berry and Honey
-Make Lemongrass Remedy (same effect of lemongrass but 4 time more stronger)
-Make Honey from Honey-Comb found with Foraging (focus search "Insects")
-Make Ginseng Infusion (restore a lot more Endurance)
-Make Corn Flour (i suggest to play this with a mod like "Mo' Crops" to grow Corn)
-Make Tortilla Chips
-Make Tortilla
-Make Taco Shell
-Make Rice Milk
-Make Butter
-Make Maple Syrup (found Sap in forest focus (WildPlants)




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