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Anim Clip not found


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I'm trying to add a custom animation to a recipe, but I get the error "Anim Clip not found", but the files are in the correct folders. I tested putting the animation in the root folder of the game and it worked normally. 



The recipe code is: 

module BDK
    recipe Fazer Energético na Coqueteleira
       destroy CoqueteleiraRoxxPinaColadaVazia/CoqueteleiraRoxxPinaColadaWaterFull,

       Result:                  CoqueteleiraRoxxPinaColada=1,         
       Time:                    70.0,
       Sound:                   BottleShake,
       Category:                Cooking,
       OnGiveXP:                NoXP_OnGiveXP,
       StopOnWalk:              true,
       CanBeDoneFromFloor:      false,      



XML file: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <m_Name>Shake_Test</m_Name> <!-- File name (optional)-->
    <m_AnimName>ShakeTest</m_AnimName> <!-- Action name (Important!)-->
    <m_SpeedScale>1.00</m_SpeedScale> <!-- Speed animation -->
    <m_BlendTime>0.20</m_BlendTime> <!-- Transition between animations -->
    <m_Conditions> <!-- Condition to access this animation (Important!)-->



Animation directory is: modname/media/anims_X/Bob/ShakeTest


Console: https://pastebin.com/rKDepNQ5

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