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Tombstone Server


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This is an ad for a server I play a lot, normally I wouldn't take the time to make a post but this server owner puts some much time into creating a dynamic wasteland.


Name: Tombstone

Loot: Common

Zombie Population: EXTREME

Vehicle Spawn: High

Language: English

Server Type: PvEvP

Server Slots: 16 (To be expanded with growth)

---What our server Offers:---

- PvEvP

- No Safety System

- Extreme Population Peak

- No Zombie Respawn

- No Loot Respawn

- Little to no server Wipe.

- Traders in towns.

- Over 10,000 tradeable items

- Numerous Safehouses scattered throughout the map.

- Higher risk areas reward better Gear

---Why join Tombstone?:--- - Our Sever heads have played the game for thousands of hours and can cultivate a rich environment for all form of player. - Roleplay is highly recommended and welcome! - New players will have tons of members that are highly veteran in the game and can offer guidance and patient thought and training. - A smaller community which means forms of progression and tons of opportunity at growth as a member and roleplayer inside the game. Please don't miss an opportunity to serve in a Server that will appreciate your time and treat you like family. Tombstone would be honored to have you join even if its just to see what we are about and learn how we can better your experience and knowledge in Project Zomboid.

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