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Adding working (or not) trains?

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So on days, I though it'd be nice to see:

1. A static (moving one would be even better ofc, lol) train on vanilla railway, because why not to? There's only one in Louisville, and it's small

2. The actually-working trains would be great to see both in vanilla map and workshop maps. Imagine, it'd be possible to have a "Train to Busan" vibe then, why not as well? Or just survive on the train, it would move only in 2 directions in vanilla though, but it's great still, isn't it?

Also it's an interesting way of resources' transportation. Maybe players would be eable to make/build railways even, when there'd be some update that'd add (as I heard before, it's possible) the blacksmith'ing-related jobs? And then, maybe players would have an opportunity to create a train themselves, using some metal scrap, metal sheets and etc.

Wait, then maybe the same way they'll be able to create... Cars??? Hm, it'd be logical then as well

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Since the lore/setting of the game takes place where the players are in the quarantined

section of the state of KY, I think that is the main reason you don't see working trains

traveling around.


That said, the players finding an inactive train and getting it working so they can use the

rail ways does sound like a really fun idea/mechanic that would also be within the lore

or setting.

The only train I think i've seen is a stationary one in one of the Map mods on steam.

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