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Washing yourself while terminally damaged, heals you fully.


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As you can see in the clip I was terminally damaged close to turning/dying. For fun I decided to go wash myself (I already managed to heal myself once before, but I wasn't really sure it would work again) and somehow I got fully healed.


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On 1/4/2023 at 2:39 PM, Beard said:

Is your friend an admin perhaps or are you? Since it would seem like someone just healed you.

Its his server we are playing on. But I don't think he revived me. It was surprising to both of us. Also it sounds dumb but he wanted me to fight my zombie me so he had no reason to fully heal me.

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4 minutes ago, Beard said:

Unusual, are you able to replicate it perhaps? Does it work every time you wash yourself?

Idk when I will play again. But the only two times I was terminally damaged I was able to heal myself fully just by washing myself.

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