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Radio towers having a purpose


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I would like to suggest giving the Radio towers in the game a purpose acting similar to the power and water but, it stays on a little longer due to at the start of the game having a small army force stationed at all of them. This could have a range of possibilities with the people (Npc’s) stationed there staying or deserting their post making it random on how long radio communication or at least how long far range communication continues. eventually another choice for the people still there after the exclusion zone and military  break down could be to just dig in and stay near the radio towers or leaving to somewhere else. Adding military remnants scattered on the map. Also rare ham towers at houses for ham radios possibly. Also they could be used as a way to leverage power  against npc groups that have a dependence on the need for radio communication.

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Along the lines of that idea:
Perhaps going to the radio station and using a special radio there (or perhaps any radio at that location during a certain time of day) will tell you the coordinates of a supply drop that then spawns in game the next day somewhere randomly on the map? =)

For balance, this can maybe only be done once per radio station, or once every 30 days in game.  /shrug

Alternatively, my friends and I have played a ''scenario'' where we were basically like Umbrella Corp Troops (Resident Evil), sent in to cover up the events in Louisville. One of our assignments was blowing up all of these radio stations and radio towers around the map.

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