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[24/7]NuperGaming[PvE] - Years Later Server - Wiped 18/01/2023


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Welcome to the NuperGaming[PvE] - Years Later Server. This is our hard server with less loot and damaged cars which will only get worse over time. If your looking for a challenge and a friendly community to join then give us a try.  Our focus is on community and we prefer helping each other out and enjoying some laughs along the way. 

Want to be a cannibal and eat zombies? Or a cultist with the new age traits mod you can. We are always looking for ways to improve our little community got a suggestion hit us up on discord .


  • Max Players: 32
  • Basic Starting Gear: Baseball Bat , School Backpack, Bottle of water, Lantern
  • Day Length: 3 Hours
  • XP: 1.2
  • Water & Electricity: Off
  • Nights: Pitch Black
  • Zombie Population: Very High
  • Zombie Respawn: 336 Hours
  • Transmission: Bite Only
  • Cars Degrade Over Time
  • Less Loot Spawn Over Time
  • Day Zombies: Fast + 3% Sprinters
  • Night Zombies: Slow + 0.5 Sprinters
  • Literacy: Learn To Read(Trait Dependant)
  • Skill Books: Gain Small Amount Of XP
  • Skill Journal: 65% Regain Inc Passive
  • Stay Awake Longer(18 Hours)
  • Horde Night - 30 Days - Randomly 
  • World Started 18/01/2023


Connection Details:  
                                  Server IP:
                                          Port: 16261

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mU9ArGdhAY

Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2895208851

Maps - 

  • Bedford Falls
  • Raven Creek
  • Chinatown Expansion
  • Klin
  • Winchester
  • Slocan Lake
  • Hong Kong
  • & Many More...


Mod - 

  • 10 Years Later
  • Skill Journal
  • Skateboard
  • Literacy Mod
  • Dive Through Window
  • & Many More...


Server Reboots Every 6 Hours
Auto Mod Update - Reboots on Detection.
Server Location: Germany - Low Ping

Server Spec -
Intel Core i7-7700
64GB DDR4 ram
SSD M.2 NVMe 512 GB

The Loot has been tweaked slight so there is more loot at the beginning of the server and this will decrease over time. That being we have tried to balance this. 

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24/01/2023 - Changes

  • Added Custom Recipe for Scrap Weapon air tanks & Welder Mask, found under Metal Working.
  • Added Udderly up to-date
  • Custom Version of JiggaFire to fix recipes, Compatibility with New Age Profession

Setting Changes -

  • -Reduced Ammo Loot spawns

20/01/2023 - Changes

  • Added Scrap Guns, Weapons & Armor
  • Added ScrapPatch - Scrap Mods Fix
  • Added Empty Can into Scrap Metal
  • Added Exo's Craftable PaperWyvern's Sleeping Bags
  • Added Remove All Items
  • Added Military Ponchos NERFED
  • Added Vanilla Firearm Expansion + Gunrunner Re balance
  • Added New Age - Professions
  • Added Dynamic Traits
  • Removed Chat Bubble
  • Removed Mini Health Panel

Setting Changes - 

  • Increased loot slightly - Will Decrease over time
  • Increased day sprinters to 5.0 
  • Increased Loot on certain item types - will affect non visited areas & Re spawn
  • Changed loot re spawn to 175 hour(1 Week)
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  • NuperGaming changed the title to [24/7]NuperGaming[PvE] - Years Later Server - Wiped 18/01/2023

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