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[24/7]NuperGaming[PvE] - Years Later Server - Wiped 18/01/2023


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24/01/2023 - Changes

  • Added Custom Recipe for Scrap Weapon air tanks & Welder Mask, found under Metal Working.
  • Added Udderly up to-date
  • Custom Version of JiggaFire to fix recipes, Compatibility with New Age Profession

Setting Changes -

  • -Reduced Ammo Loot spawns

20/01/2023 - Changes

  • Added Scrap Guns, Weapons & Armor
  • Added ScrapPatch - Scrap Mods Fix
  • Added Empty Can into Scrap Metal
  • Added Exo's Craftable PaperWyvern's Sleeping Bags
  • Added Remove All Items
  • Added Military Ponchos NERFED
  • Added Vanilla Firearm Expansion + Gunrunner Re balance
  • Added New Age - Professions
  • Added Dynamic Traits
  • Removed Chat Bubble
  • Removed Mini Health Panel

Setting Changes - 

  • Increased loot slightly - Will Decrease over time
  • Increased day sprinters to 5.0 
  • Increased Loot on certain item types - will affect non visited areas & Re spawn
  • Changed loot re spawn to 175 hour(1 Week)
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  • NuperGaming changed the title to [24/7]NuperGaming[PvE] - Years Later Server - Wiped 18/01/2023

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