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[24/7][RP] Ghost Town Roleplay [EU/US]


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Have you been looking for the ideal roleplay community on Project Zomboid? Well you might just have found it! Ghost Town Roleplay is a beginner and verteran friendly, serious (but fun-oriented) roleplay server looking to grow our community. Don't be freightened at the word "serious", because our main goal is to provide a place where everyone can have fun, whilst roleplaying to the best of our abilities.


Why Ghost Town Roleplay?

💻 Fully customized Discord for everything you'll need
🔨 Customized loot settings to keep things engaging
💀 Member made factions, anything from raiders, doctor services or delivery services
🍺 Non PVP public bar for all survivors to enjoy!
🔧 Dedicated staff team to host events and keep things running smoothly
💬 Text-based, engaging roleplay, no mic required, however mic's are allowed
📋 Member-only polls for new mods and changes to the server

We are looking for members of all walks of life. Whether you are in school or work a full time job, whether you can spend 2 or 20 hours a week on the server, as long as you are 15+ you are welcome in our community! On our discord we have a full list of in-game server settings, roles to choose from and an abundance of channels for all your needs, whether it be memes or in-game channels. This also includes a steam collection of all our mods used in-game to make things easy.


We are also looking for a dedicated staff team to help run things as smoothly as possible. This doesn't mean you have to dedicate your life to us, however you'll have to be an active member.


If this community sounds like what you're looking for, then join us at https://discord.gg/CjsW3umfX5


See you there!

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