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Suggestions for traits


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Poor driver- your really bad at driving

driving instructor- your really good at driving

Not immune- you aren’t immune to the aerosolized strain of the virus

Scared of guns- you have a hard time using guns

Mute-you can’t speak or shout

Shut in- you have a difficult time dealing with nature and weather

Half dead- you look mildly dead, zombies have a lower ability to see you and players from a distance can mistake you for a zombie

Limp-you have a mild limp 

Alcoholic- you need alcohol or you get stressed and depressed 

Picky eater- you can’t eat foods that give you depression or stress unless relatively hungry

delicious- zombies for some reason prefer you over other players

disgusting- zombies for some reason prefer other people to you

local-you get the map of your surrounding area on start


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Some more details would be needed to understand what your ideas are exactly with those traits.


"poor driver": what would it technically do because there is "sunday driver" already.


"mute": would not be really an issue in multiplayer and in single player none at all.


"scared of guns": what do you mean by "having a hard time" using them? instant panic, low aim or you simply can't use them?


"driving instructor": what does "good at driving" mean in game terms?


"half dead": the points-system does not work well with traits that have positive and negative effects at the same time.


"delicious/disgusting": would be a multiplayer-only trait - at least for the time being.


"shut in": "hard time" from a health perspective or stress?


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