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The ability to change settings in sandbox

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A few weeks ago, I was just getting started with PZ, so I created an easy sandbox file where I could feel some sense of accomplishment instead of dying dozens of times. Now, it’s become my main file that I play on, and I’ve gotten better at the game, so I’m looking to increase the difficulty for myself a little bit by changing the settings of the sandbox without making a whole new save since I’ve accomplished so much, but I have to download a mod and add it to the file to do so, which I’ve heard can be dangerous for the file. This brings me to my suggestion: a setting in the sandbox file creation that allows the player to change the file’s settings after it is created so that players like me don’t have the same problem in the future. 

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it is possible but it depends on what you want to change, for example if you want to make loot rarer it won't change in places you already visited because loot already spawned, but if you want to make zombies stronger for example you can. All you have to do is making a new game with the settings you want, then you go to your Zomboid folder which is usually located there: C:\Users\your name\Zomboid\ then Saves then the name of your new game, you go in there and copy the map_sand.bin then paste it in your main game save folder to replace it. I've done it several times and never had an issue, but to be sure you should make a copy of your save first.


Still this is clearly not a viable solution for everyone, I agree with your idea and would like this option too, doesn't seem hard to implement either.

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If you are at this point, this is the part where one learns that Zomboid runs are fleeting, even in victory, and that you need to start a new run.


It is a hard lesson, but in time you will embrace the true way. It is the only way for a character in Zomboid to live happily ever after....or at least as happily as you can alone, surrounded by Zombies, with no electricity or running water.

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