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Why no mouse aiming/attacking when playing with controller?


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TLDR - How the F can I force mouse aiming and attacking while using controller?

(Forewarning: Please read the whole thing for specificity of the issue, because its a tad complex)

I am using a console-style controller w/ analog stick (PS4/DualShock) in PZ for that spicy 180 deg movement juicyness.

It's so nice to get that instead of that gross af cardinal-directions-only junk KBM users are stuck with 😑☠️

Seems like there's a divide between KBM and controller users, but true gamers of culture can see that you can get the best of both...

One hand on a single hand-style controller (i.e. JoyCon or PS Move) (Or one-hand-grip an XBox or PS controller)
Then use other hand for fine mouse control.

Easy, right?

No ma'am sirrrr...
I CANNOT AIM, ATTACK, FAR LOOK with my mouse when my controller is on... WTFook?

I can just click around and drag crap in my inv, but the other functionality is removed! But why tho? I assume a conflict between simultaneous inputs from an analog stick AND mouse for aiming?
PZ cannot force both? Is there an option to shut one off and force the other?

With so many mods, I'm surprised I haven't seen one that does this.
Should I make my own?
What library in the PZ folder would have the coding for that stuff if I were to need to mod this myself?

When I try to use the mouse as my main controls, PZ does not respond to any controller inputs - particularly, the 180 degree analog stick movement control from my controller,

That's the whole reason why I went Controller + Mouse.
I don't particularly care for right joystick aiming/combat & I still want to use my mouse for that.

All keyboard essentials are binded to the d-pad & trigger buttons AND a 24 button MMO mouse (Logitech G600, check it out)
So, I literally do not need the keyboard whatsoever, unless to write on paper or on the map, in game.

Anyway, there MUST be a config file or mod to adjust these two items, no?

Perhaps I'm going in the wrong direction.

Is there a way to force analog movement from a stick input instead of WASD while using the standard KBM control scheme?

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