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Since today is a holiday in Knox County, one specifically related to food, I got to thinking and realized.....theres no Turkey in Zomboid. Not even in lunch meat form...


So it got me thinking about different foods that are still missing. I know the cooking system is still way under development and will probably undergo an overhaul before long, so it might be good to add some foods to the list of what might be considered


- Turkey, either full size frozen turkeys, or even sliced turkey in the style of lunch meat.

- Frozen Waffles

- Toaster Pastries, i.e. Pop Tarts

- Bagel Bites, a 90s staple

- Canned Raviolis, my personal survival food of choice

- The ability to deep fry things, I remember a mod a while back that had that mechanic, it was a cool idea but I could never quite get it to work. Thats ridiculously southern.

- With that in mind, Frozen Tater Tots and French Fries that you could do either in the oven or deep fry


Another note, I should be able to put peanut butter on way more things. Like why can I not put peanut butter on crackers? Also, if frozen waffles get added, I need peanut butter as an option for those too. Thomas' muffins ain't got nothin on the nooks and crannies of an Eggo.


Oh yeah

- English Muffins, because why not?

- Those little orange pre packaged peanut butter crackers, you know the ones, they're simultaneously great and awful, especially if you are in a survival situation.


Damn, I might just be thinking too much about food...But thats kind of the point of today I guess.

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