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Small Ailments


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So First Aid kinda gets a bad rap as a "useless stat", especially if you play on default settings in regard to infection



So what might be nice is having smaller ailments that the character could be afflicted by in the right circumstances that give other uses for the first aid stat.


- Sunburn: If out in the sun for a long time, there could be a chance you get sunburn on any exposed skin. Have treatment be some sort of skin ointment or something, and have sunblock be an item the character could apply to prevent it.


- Poison Ivy: While walking through bushes, in addition to the chance of getting scratches, you could get afflicted with poison ivy. Basically same deal as sunburn, some sort of skin ointment/lotion to treat it


- Seasonal Allergies: Perhaps have a negative trait that makes it so your character has hay fever during the spring and autumn months in exchange for a couple of points. Basically behaves similar to having a cold with sneezing and such, but less often, and perhaps have some sort of allergy medication you could take to counteract it.


- Bug Bites: This could come in mulitple forms, like mosquito or chigger bites that just behave like poison ivy/sunburn, or perhaps you could have ticks or leeches who make you sick if you don't remove them with tweezers. You could also have some sort of bug spray to prevent bugs from biting in the first place.


- Muscle fatigue: Playing off of the already existing exercise fatigue affliction, you could have this happen after particular strenuous activity in the field as well, like a particularly big fight as a melee fighter, or if you have to run a lot to escape. You could have some sort of Icy Hot style deal, which makes the fatigue pass more quickly, but in exchange the effects last significantly longer, so you might have to spend a day recovering from a big fight even if you never got touched.


- Sprains: In situations where you trip and fall (going over a fence, sprinting through bushes, even getting knocked over by a fence lunging zombie) you could sprain a wrist or an ankle. You could use cold packs or even just frozen food from the freezer to ice the afflicted area.



A couple of other profession based minor afflictions if you wanted to be REALLY Evil


- Have a chance of getting a splinter in your hand while doing Carpentry tasks without work gloves. Requires tweezers to remove


- While doing metalworking, if you say, try to weld in like, shorts or a T shirt or some otherwise less protective clothing, have a chance of getting minor burns from the sparks on your exposed skin


- Similarly, if you try doing mechanic work on a car without some sort of gloves on, especially if the car is or recently was running, get a chance to get minor burns on your hands


- If you use a knife in a cooking task, AND have the clumbsy trait, have a chance to cut yourself. Could apply the same anti-synergy to Tailoring



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There are 2 groups of players  there. 
1. That dont like to micromenagment and will not like that idea.
2. That love as is part of an RPG experience. Im in that group and i realy like that idea.
I realy like that idea but 1Aid will get overhaul like every occupation skill etc after 42 patch. U can still work with mods on that. 

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