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[41.78.7] [Single Player] Right Click & Hold Doesn't Respond


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When playing the game, the RMB goes through stretches where it doesn't respond in the usual way.  Usually when moving around the game world, I can right click (and hold) to bring up a targeting action w/ a circle hovering over the ground.  This is excluding the context menu where you right click but do not hold.


In most cases, RMB+Hold works but seemingly randomly this will go non-responsive for a brief period of time.  Since we use RMB+Hold to target in combat, you can see how the game becomes even harder to play!


I have tried several graphics changes, none of these work.

  1. Disable/Enable Zoom
  2. Windows Mode
  3. Full Screen Mode
  4. Lowering my screen resolution
  5. Fresh Install, no mods


The one thing I noticed that works to restore expected RMB+Hold behavior is to click LMB and then try RMB+Hold again.  That usually gets me unstuck.


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