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So you know that house on the river in WP?

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I wanted to see if you could use carpentry skills to access it.  I set up a sandbox game with no zombies and time ratio set to "Real Time" to find out.  I created a guy named Testy McTest and spent awhile in WP gathering up supplies.  After finding the first three carpentry books, a sledgehammer, axe, saw, hammer, and 20 boxes of nails, I headed over to the house.  My plan was to build stairs across and knock off a piece of the roof, then drop down and see what was inside.  A couple days and several hundred sawed logs later, this is what I found:







As you can see, it's definitely not a viable safehouse.  Once you drop down onto the water tiles, you aren't able to move off of whatever tile you landed on.  It IS good to know you can build over water though.  Having a floating safehouse with no zeds able to get underneath could be extremely useful.

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Jatta Pake - who you calling crazy?!

You can build across the river, but it will all be on the 2nd story.  Because of the perspective, you could make it look like you built a houseboat, the only problem will be accessing land (though I guess in theory if you brought enough supplies you wouldn't have to).

And Falke, they seem to be working for me.  You just have to be extremely careful where you're holding E in an area with multiple...exits... lol.  I've gone to climb down a sheet rope only to accidentally fall to my death on the tile next to it multiple times haha.

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