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Dirtgrass tileset missing error


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I saw other posts talking about this but the solutions didn't work. I downloaded the 2022 tiles and tilezed, but when I try to convert from BMP to TMX it gives me the missing error bellow:




I tried rewriting the Rules and Blends files to erase the dreaded dirtgrass, but then it just breaks my map:




For some reason, my tilesets on TileZed are red. Not sure what the matter is, but maybe I need to change the version? I had accidentaly installed the 2020 tilesets previously. Also, I had read the missing dirtgrass textures were fixed, so did I download the wrong version again? I have the Feb-07 tiles and march-14 TileZed and worldEd. Thanks in advance for the help.

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After 3 hours trying to fix it, I did it. I erased the main program files on my hard drive and the folder ".TileZed" I didn't know existed at first on my /user directory. (this is probably what was causing the problem, because I had installed an outdated version and then uninstalled it, but didn't erase this). I also used a different zip extraction option on 7-zip (probably not relevant, but who knows) and then changed the tilesets on both TileZed and WorldEd so they would match.

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