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Scaling difficulty from small town to big town


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One feature I would really love to see, and if it already exists as Mod. I'm sorry!


Some sort of scaling zombie difficulty from starting town to small towns to big town.

It is already possible to scale zombies:

-slow -> fast

-weak -> superhuman


The problem is, that you can only select random, or fast only for the whole map. It would be more interesting, if the zombies would start "easy", and get more difficult with bigger cities (which have better loot). Some sort of progression.


E.g. (just example numbers)

Start town:

Chance for runners: 1%

Chance for super human: 0%


Medium town:

Chance for runners: 10%

Chance for super human: 1%


Big city:

chance for runners: 30%

Chance for super human: 10%


Big city, high value shops:

chance for runners: 30%

Chance for super human: 20%


best regards


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