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[41.78.7] [Multiplayer] Local copy of Sandbox Vars doesn't seem to update on Login, only on Logout.


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Only an issue with mods that read the values client-side to my knowledge, but could cause issues in the future with the game itself.


• Version? 41.78.7

• Singleplayer/Multiplayer?  Multiplayer

• Host or dedicated?  Dedicated.

• Mods?  No, Although mods can break due to it.

• Old or new save? Old save

• Reproduction steps:

1. Start dedicated server with some sandbox settings set

2. Log into the server with an account

3. Check the contents of Map_sand.bin
4. Log out of the server

5. Check the contents of Map_sand.bin again

6. Stop dedicated server

7. Edit dedicated server sandbox settings via file editing

8. Start Dedicated server again

9. Log into the dedicated server again

10. Check the contents of Map_sand.bin. They will likely be inconsistent with the server settings

11. (Optional) As admin, verify that the sandbox settings have been changed on the server side

12. Log out of the server

13. Check the contents of Map_sand.bin again. They will now have probably synced with the server settings

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i was having problems similar to this, i run a dedicated server with mods . I used fillezilla  to access the map_sand.bin  in the server files and i deleted them . that forced the game to create a new Map_sand.bin file and so far it is working . 

 https://discord.gg/Y4nQM43THB  if you have other ways to fix this . 

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