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WorldEd closing itself on generate cell


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Hello there,


I'm currently trying to do a small map mod to add to the vanilla gamemap by modifying one of the existing cells and I've encountered a problem with WorldEd.


Once I was done with the overall layout of the map (terrain, roads, vegetations, buildings) I tried generating the map to test it out and everything went alright.

Then I started adding foraging zones, nav zones and water zones to the map with spawnpoint for player and vehicules.


After being mostly done I tried to generate my cell and at that point WorldEd just closes itself without any error message.

I tried removing the zones I made one type at a time and generating the cell but still the same, now I'm back to the point where I don't have any zone on my map (back to where I generated the map to test it) and it's still closing itself on generating the cell.


Is there any file I could check to indicate what I'm doing wrong or some possible debug ?


I also tried both WorldEd 32 & 64 from that topic, same problem : 


Any lead would be apreciated

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