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Npc and factions outflit management


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Just a thought of something that i think it's immersive and fun to play that would be the ability to customize outflit types for npc or even our faction (be it made just by players, just npcs or both) so we could see npcs preferring to use just an outflit style be it caused by their personal traits or life story or the faction leader itself (you, i suppose) 


So we could have the ability to: 


- Define faction uniform


Everybody in this faction would be using black leather jackets, pants, pilot glasses, piercings, leather and fingerless gloves, socks and boots;

Everybody use a custom and painted strip where the clothing options would be free to choose but everybody in this faction have to use the custom strip to show what faction they belong to;

Everybody in this faction or maybe the majority of them is somewhat related to armed personnel jobs (military, police officers, security guards and so on) and then, they dress code would be to make use of those camo clothes, police, bulletproof and armors. 


- Define the npc's clothing preferences

In this item we could change the liking of an npc for a determined clothing type, so the npc will seek to use this type of clothing more than others 


Set the preference high enough for an npc to like a lot of using shorts, sandals, pants, skinny pants, jackets, hoodies or whatever you want.


- NPC's liking may vary depending on the climate of the world, it's seasons and on what they're doing


Npcs will seek to use more warm clothing on winter, and more light clothes on summer; 

Npcs will seek to use rain coats in rains, or shorts and tank tops on hot days;

Npcs will seek to use swim suit if they're about to swim on lakes and pools;

Npcs will seek to remove their shoes inside houses to make less noises, or to not bring dirty to their homes.


- And the basic option to direct order an npc to use or remove certain clothing piece


Do I really need to make an example for that? 



That's it, i think...


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