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I suggested this in the Steam discussions suggestion but thought I should also post it here.


Something small but with a big impact, having a pillow inside your inventory or within the vicinity when sleeping should make your character rest better and reduce the chance of neck pain by 75% or more.
Cumulative to up to 2 pillows limited up to 100% neck pain reduction and 1.5x the better sleep bonus.


This would not only make sense, since pillows are literally designed to provide a better sleep, it would give a proper use to an item in the game which currently only works to craft mattresses and you can't even rip it into Ripped Sheets or remove its covering to use as curtains, which you should for both.


It would also make bad and average beds usable in emergency and be extremely useful for people with the "restless sleeper" trait, making a pillow be to those with that trait the same as the glasses are to those with the "short sighted" trait and cigarettes to those with the "smoker" trait, something almost mandatory to have with you to counter the effects of your trait.

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