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Major Overhaul of Zombie Speed Sandbox Settings


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In sandbox mode under zombie lore, zombie speed can either be "Sprinters", "Fast Shamblers", "Shamblers" and "Random". This provides 4 possible playthroughs, one with all sprinters, all fast shamblers, all shamblers or a mix of all of them. I propose that the "Random" setting is removed and instead all the remaining options have percentages that the user can set ranging from 0 to 100%. This will allow for some unique playthroughs, for example a playthrough with 1% sprinters, 9% fast shamblers and 90% shamblers.


Perhaps this could be taken a step further by adding more speed options. The user could specify the exact speed and chance a zombie has to spawn. For example, a playthrough with 3x speed zombies have a 2% chance to spawn, 1.5x speed zombies have a 3% chance to spawn, shamblers have a 95% chance to spawn. If there are limitations to the game engine by adding zombies that are too fast to handle then add a hard coded speed limit.


Having the option to spawn zombies that move 3x slower than "Shambler" speed would also provide for some really unique playthroughs.


I realize that converting each option to percentage values may not be enough as everything should add up to 100% in the end. So for example lets say zombie speed chances for shambers are at 50% and sprinters are at 50%. You change sprinter chance to 75%, shambler chance should be automatically changed to 25%.


Note that all the sandbox settings could be overhauled to allow users to specify chance percentages ranging from 0 to 100%. Settings such as zombie sight, hearing, memory, car spawn rate, player rear vulnerability, ammo loot rarity to name a few.

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Definitely agree this should be part of the standard sandbox options. 


In the mean time, however, there is a mod called Random Zombies that does basically exactly what you're saying.  It's great, and I never play without it now.  


I also use another mod, Random Rally Settings, that causes random fluctuation in how the zombies group up and move together.  These two mods together inject a nice level of unpredictability.  

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