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Zombie attack distribution - a fun little experiment

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Hello. Out of curiosity I've decided to do a little experiment to test for most vulnerable body parts during zombie attack and I've decided to share my results. The tests were performed on a default character with no traits and default starting levels (5 strength and fitness, everything else 0), the character was also wearing no clothes and had nothing equipped. During the test successful hits for each body part were noted in a spreadsheet, the attack type (scratch, bite, laceration) was NOT taken into account. Below I've presented acquired data in the form of pie charts.


  • Test 1: Standing zombie - attack from the front [400 samples].



  • Test 2: Standing zombie - attack from the back [400 samples].



  • Test 3: Crawler - attack from the front [100 samples].



The raw data for the pie charts can be seen below:



The back attacks from crawlers are practically identical to the front ones so it was skipped.


  • It is believed that standing zombies can only attack upper body parts, as you can see, they can also attack lower body parts, even your feet, they just have extremely low chance to do so.
  • Data suggests that standing zombies prefer to attack the left side of your body from the front, although this might be an error due to insufficient number of samples the zombie animations do indeed show that your left side is being attacked. If this assumption is correct that's a neat little attention to details.
  • When fighting zombies, your torso and upper limbs are most likely target for zombie attacks.
  • Your neck is relatively safe from attacks from the front, in fact you're more likely to get a bite in the groin. 8-)
  • Your neck is extremely likely to be attacked from the back, as expected.
  • Your groin is the second most likely target when attacked from the back... what... :huh:
  • Crawlers only attack lower body parts, not even the groin was invaded. (Unless they have extremely small chance to do so, the sample number for this test was smaller)


And finally, some additional information I have acquired but can't back it up with numbers because they weren't tested for:

  • Attacks from the front by standing zombie will sometimes by blocked by player, the attacks from the back however will never be blocked.
  • Attacks from the front by crawler will often be blocked, attacks from the back will rarely be blocked.
  • Attacks from the back both by standing zombies and crawlers seem to result in bites more often.


Hope you enjoy the results of my experiment, can't wait to hear your thoughts. :) 

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I love seeing things like this, it's always interesting. The bias towards the left side of your body could be an anomaly, but it could also be deliberate. Assuming a right handed person using a melee weapon to fight zombies, your left side will in fact be more exposed to attack than you right, either because you're chambering back and preparing to swing, or actively attacking and knocking them back, and being more capable of defending the dominant side of your body. That's why you sometimes see representations of fighters with asymmetrical armor, or only wearing an arm plate on the non dominate side. I don't recall being able to swap handedness, so I suppose it makes sense to design it that way.


When it comes to the presentation itself I think it would be easier to read if you utilized more colors and greater variation of shade. In the top diagram you have 5 close shades of blue, 3 yellow, 2 orange, and 3 green - but no red, purple, pink, or brown, or very light and then very dark versions of the same color.

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