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[41.76] [Singleplayer] Repairing guns uses best available gun and deletes attachments and magazines

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  • Version 41.76
  • Singleplayer
  • No mods
  • Reproduction steps:
  1. Have three guns of the same type in your inventory, let's call them:
    1. Gun A: the weapon you are actively using, with good condition, attachments and magazine with bullets,
    2. Gun B: low condition gun you intend to repair,
    3. Gun C: low condition gun you intend to use for parts to repair gun B.
  2. Repair gun B assuming it will choose the worst condition gun in your inventory for parts (gun C).
  3. Realize that the repair system not only chooses the gun with best condition (gun A) to use as parts for repairing, but it also consumes all attachments and magazine with bullets inside the gun it chose to use for parts.


The workaround for this is to favourite your gun so it won't be used but I still think the repair system should choose the worst condition weapon available for repairs and also return any attachments and magazines present on the weapon used.



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