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[41.73] Radio scripts broken? (Minor spoilers for radio transcripts)

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I might sound a bit technical explaining this thing, sorry in advance. According to RadioData.xml file, there are some other scripted radio transmissions that should occur after it's done with the main script, like Jonas brodacasts on LBMW frequency for example. Thing is, they never seem to initiate for me, no matter what. In fact, every single radio frequency seem to stop initiating any scripts after finishing with "main" script. Even tried testing it using debug mode, fast forwarded roughly 2 months after end of the "main" script on each frequency, and none of them ever initiated any scripts. The most notable example is Classified M1A1 frequency, which according to script file, should transmit strings of numbers during first days, but it never does, because it is tied to a "numbers" script instead of "main", which causes this frequency to stay silent forever and never broadcast anything. 

Of course, I might misunderstood the script thing, and they might be actually supposed to happen at random, but at the same time it doesn't make sense for some of them, like Jonas for example (he references recent McGrew message, which should place it sometime after Jackie's broadcasts end).
So my final question is - are these scripts supposed to take very long time to initiate, or they're simply broken? 

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