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No 'How to use generators'-manual found in Riverside

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I started a new run as carpenter and I selected 'luck' as trait. I was happy, because I found a sledgehammer for the very first time. I never found one before.


Unfortunately, I found no manual for generators. I found approx. 12 generators, but no manual. I searched the book store in Riverside, the school and after that the post office building. No manual for generators found. Then I searched the trailer park south-west of Riverside, the storage building for the factory and the self-storage building. Again, no manual found. I also searched some homes of Riverside and the physiotherapist. All with no result. Now I'm running low on gas and I'm frustrated, very frustrated, because the power is gone and I have enough generators that are all unusable.


In my opinion it is a little weird having 'luck' as trait and not finding any manual for generators. It can't be that I found all kind of books and magazines (sometimes threefold and fourfold), but no manual for generators.

It is very frustrating for me!

I will start a new game. This time as Electrician. For this profession there are no manuals for the use of generators needed.

How can it be that there is absolutely no manual for generators in the city of Riverside and its surroundings?

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Try the Boat Club, there's a library upstairs.

If you stagger your crops right, you can get by without a generator.  For example, I plant potatoes 3 times a month (on the 1st, 11th, and 21st) and the next crop is always ready before the last crop goes stale - so I don't need to refridgerate anything.


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Does grinding electrical skills bypass the need for a generator manual?  I've always found a manual. 


But there is always something that is rare on each map.  My current map - I've found 2 salts.

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