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[41.76] Unused weapon attachments can be found in the shooting range

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  • Version 41.76
  • Singleplayer
  • No mods
  • Reproduction steps:
  1. Go to the shooting range [coordinates: X:13259  Y:5438  Z:0].
  2. Check the loot tables for brown cupboards.
  3. In LootZed these containers are labeled as GunStoreCounter and have a chance of spawning two unused weapon attachments: gun light and bayonet.

I've personally found a gun light here and it doesn't appear it has been implemented as there is no way of using it. I have never seen those attachments anywhere else so I assume those containers are special and it's an oversight.



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23 hours ago, Pandorea said:

As long as these items do not spawn - this is not a problem.

Oh but they do spawn. As I said, I've found a gun light in there during normal apocalypse run.

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