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Respawning Settings , Unexpected Behavior



Details of the situation:

Version 41.76
Custom Sandbox
West Point, KY

Meta | Time before Corpse Removal: 6.0 (hours, as I understand it)
Zombie Lore | Reanimate Time is 1-2 weeks
Advanced Zombie Options | Respawn Hours, Respawn Unseen Hours, Respawn Multiplier, and Redistribute Hours are all: 0.0

This is the unexpected behavior..
Every in-game day, all the zombies in a given area respawn, unless burned.  In particular, all the zombies around the starting house/area.
I understand that burning them seems to remove them, and after being burned, they don't appear to respawn.
However, with the settings above, my expectation was that any zombies killed would be removed permanently from the game after 6 in-game hours, as the reanimation time is set to be 1-2 weeks and Corpse Removal set to 6 in-game hours.


Is that not the case, or am I using the wrong settings, or.. is this a bug ? 


I've attached the sandbox settings .cfg that I'm using, if anyone wanted to try it. ( "C:\Users\...\Zomboid\Sandbox Presets\myset1.cfg"


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Time before Corpse Removal = only controls corpses, has nothing to do with actual zombie numbers or respawning
Reanimate Time = Controls how fast a player corpse that was bitten gets reanimated, which again doesn't control zombie numbers or respawning.

The actual important Respawn options are the RespawnHours and  RedistributeHours, which you seem to have set correctly to 0, therefore there should be no new zombies in the area unless they walk into the area.

There is a function where the zombies can get up again unless you burn them, though the chance is fairly low, are you talking about this chance specifically or do you see several new zombies just appearing randomly without any corpses?

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