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How many units are there in a roll of Duct Tape?

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The Wiki says there's 4 units and media\scripts\newitems.txt says its UseDelta is 0.25, but I'm unable to use a single roll of Duct Tape to create two upgraded spears (each upgrade only requires 2 units).


I'm wondering if this is a bug or the wiki is wrong or what.

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Sorry for the late response, I didn't receive a notification for this thread.


I went to try it now and it worked. Three times in a row. :o


It's probably me, but I could've sworn they were full.


I don't use Duct Tape for anything else and I *believe* all Duct Tape spawns 100% full.


I'll record a video the next time I create more upgraded spears in case it happens.


Thanks, everyone!

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