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[41.73][Singleplayer][No Mods] Exploit: Multiplying empty tin cans by using traps

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When you have a single can of food in your inventory, you can receive a multitude of empty tin cans out of it by using traps.


Here is how it works:


- make sure you have a can of food in your inventory and a trap (example: canned beans and a cage trap); you also need a can opener for opening the can

- open the can of food

- place the trap

- add a bait from the opened can

- remove bait

- now you have two opened cans of food in your inventory; eating them will produce two empty tin cans

- you can even make more empty tin cans this way: do not eat the content of the open cans from the last step and repeat the process of adding and then removing a bait

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