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[41.76][Dedicated MP] I think 41.73 players attempting to join causes spontaneous reboot of server.


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On my server (UdderlyRP) I have an incredibly small test group whom I do not have much control over, so forgive me that I cannot be 100% certain, but I think that the spontaneous reboots on 41.76 servers are caused by players who are still on 41.73 attempting to join. For them it gets stuck "Connecting" or "Contacting" instead of a P2P error sometimes, and then the server restarts after choking on the connection attempt. Attached is a tarball of two SIGSEGVs which I think are from this phenomena.


I am in contact with the Valhalla Community staff and they were able to confirm this on their server. I will hand them the URL to this thread so they can add any evidence they have of the phenomena.


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