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my little give away

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okay guys i will be giving away another 5 copies of this awesome must have game this time it will be to the best zombie themed art work or comic this comp starts today (20/02/2014) and ends at 2359 AEST on the   1ST of April





I will notify the winners by person then post a new thread both on IS forums and steam PZ forums 


to enter post your piece of art in this thread :) good luck every one

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I'm going to draw something for your contest. My first time doing anything dark or zombie related so its going to be a bit hard. :P

But I'll take the challenge. Expect something from me in a few days if I don't give up or anything.

You can take my profile picture as an example of my previous works.

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Made the picture fondly, then hopefully you evaluate the image the same way .... 
Sorry for the buggy walk the face, is that my friend uses a different program to let the image render and it ended up like this when finished ... 
I love this game, but my uncle gave me starbound, and at that time I did not know the game, now that I know I kind of regret not having bought Project Zomboid.. and now he said he will not give me more games for now .. 
Anyway, the best gain the keys xD 

Ps:I play a pirated copy, I confess, but just because I'm not able to buy the original.


(I'm brazilian and I'm using the google translator to send this message, any error in english sorry :/)



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