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For the new fluid system: Vinegar, Wine, and Pickling


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All of what's required to make vinegar is produce + water.


Produce + water = vinegar : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MI3Zamei5s

Vinegar + water = pickle (more than 2 years of shelf life):  https://youtu.be/f6GoeIGOIxU?t=399



When produce is left under water, it forces microbes to do anaerobic respiration, transforming sugar into alcohol, this makes wine.

Vinegar is when a specific type of bacteria also does that but whilst consuming alcohol to make acetic acid.

Sugar isn't even a requirement as all produce will contain sugar at least in the form of celulose.


A simple system would be:

  • produce is placed on a barrel or jar with water
  • after some time, a percentage of the mass of the produce is removed and with some of the water it becomes wine
  • after some more time, a percentage of the wine is converted into vinegar 
  • no more hunting for little vinegar bottles, a farmer that has settled down will have plenty of vinegar for as much pickling as he needs, just like in the real world
  • the wine part can be skipped, if it would be and overkill for a video game


Romans imported pickles from foreign countries. Affluent roman households sometimes employed a "vinegar maker". People were making vinegar and pickling at home for thousands of years. Throughout history food was stored in bulk in pickle barrels. It's a major corner stone in real-world survival. This is how people farmed in the middle of nowhere without starving to death every year, it's how the great navigators could spend months in the sea. It's a rather important part of real-world primitive farming and survival that is missing in virtually all survival simulation games.

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