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Latest TileZed, WorldEd and Tilesets (September 8 2022)


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16 hours ago, HelpHowDoIMod said:

Even after downloading this Tileset there are some tiles missing. This is using the steam Project Zomboid Modding Tools as well as the Windows 64 bit TileZed and WorldEd



That is normal, some tiles/tilesets are old and/or unused and show up in red.

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Hello i want to run TileZed with Linux (Manjaro distro), and it gives me this error


The translation from Spanish would be: "Cross link between devices not allowed"



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Howdy y'all, I'm looking to get into the map modding scene however im running into this issue and I have no clue how to get past it. I can't generate a map in worlded, and all the tiles in tiled are red question marks.  if there is anyone that could guide me through how to fix this this I would be super grateful. 


edit: I figured out what my problem was, I forgot to download the tileset

Screenshot 2024-03-22 023630.png

Screenshot 2024-03-22 023520.png

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