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For those of you who still don't get it but want to play PZ multiplayer badly - here's how I did it.

Kirrus added this: There are bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. 

Read the full release release details here:


This is merely for joining already existing servers.


- open steam

- Right-click PZ and click properties

- Select Beta tab

- Select onlinetest

- Close


Project Zomboid [onlinetest] will be the name of PZ in steam now.


- Various servers are being posted on the forums, choose a public server and copy that (ip) address 

- Start up PZ

- Select Join Server

- Add server

- Fill in IP, Port, Username and Password. IP will be offered on the forums, and a specific port can also be provided, but my default port 16261 works for most public servers right now. Username and password can be random, fill in whatever you like.

- Save

- Join Server


In short, if I had seen this guide, I would've played it sooner. I hope this helps.


To return to single player, go back to the beta tab under properties and opt out of beta.

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Good guide, Merrin! You covered the basics nicely there.

I will add that port 16261 seems to be the 'handshake' port where server and client connect before the server moves the client to another dedicated port (one per player slot).

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sounds fun!! but can someone please tell me how?! lol I know i have to go into online mode, but how do you get a server? I keep seeing all these server names but idk what i'm supposed to type in as mine. help!

it asks for a beta access code. what would I type in?


You don't need a code! Read the details here:


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every time i click on join server it says "connection failed". anyone know why?


I had the same issue a few times. It just means that whatever server you are trying to connect to is either full, or offline....at least thats what I assume. Aaaannnddd assumptions can be dangerous.


It can also to do with the computers firewall, that might be blocking the connection.

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