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Knocked down zombies have (IsoGameCharacter)getReanimateTimer defined (aka. lack of a good way to check if zombie has been reanimated)


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I am spawning zombies using "Horde Manager" available in the debug mode.
I am using the `OnZombieDead` event.
in it, I check the `getReanimateTimer()` (https://zomboid-javadoc.com/41.65/zombie/characters/IsoGameCharacter.html#getReanimateTimer())


Whenever a zombie dies, they have this value set to something (not 0) if they have been knocked / pushed to knock down on the floor.
The zombies have never been reanimated, they have only been knocked down.


Would it be possible to get an extra command to check for (REAL) reanimated zombies or even the time?
Ideally have a separate command to check if zombie has been knocked down and if zombie has been actually reanimated from IsoDeadBody





as a "workaround" I am using:


And then checking it on with `wasFakeDead` (https://zomboid-javadoc.com/41.65/zombie/characters/IsoZombie.html#wasFakeDead()  inside `OnZombieDead` event

This is bad because I don't know what `setFakeDead` does...
I'm not sure if this will have any impact on the vanilla fake dead mechanic introduced in the last patch (


On 8/8/2022 at 9:33 PM, nasKo said:

- Sometimes the corpses that spawn as the player explores the world will be fake dead



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