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Mapping outside of Maldraugh KY?


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Hi guys, I am reletively new to the mapping side of this game. I am following  DiederikV's youtube tutorial on how to make a map. 

He uses the main Maldraugh map and later shows you how to connect the single cell (or more) to the main map thats used by the game. To my understanding you can keep your own map seperate to the 'mainland' thats already mapped in, but what would I do if I wanted to make a fresh slate of a map within its own bounds.

Wasn't sure how to go about it, I tried to figure it out myself and look at Daegu city map, which from my understanding looks like it is on its own base, but it also used M,KY as its base in both versions. 

Would be thankful for the help.  Cheers. 

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