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Resident Evil Mod


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Here I will be showing some new items,weapons,recipes and various other stuff created for my Resident Evil Map

The plan is to add as many features and items to truly live out a Resident Evil experience within Project Zomboid for both multiplayer and single player, and for custom scenes/scenarios with NPCs. Recreate old and create new stories around Raccoon City with friends and family! (Rated R for Raccoon)


Download Version 1.0

Mod Features

-Reloading Tool:
Combines gunpowder to create ammunition for weapons, the more powder you combine, the greater the results.
Reloading tool is required to combine gunpowder
Gunpowder A = Pistol Rounds
Gunpowder B = Shotgun Shells
Gunpowder C = Flame Rounds
You can substitute shotgun powder for pistol powder and vice-versa e.g. B+B+A is the same as A+A and A+A+B is the
same as B+B
Combat Knife: A strong, fast and very durable combat knife
Military Pistols: Each faction comes with it's own pistol which is slightly better than the standard pistol
Grenade Launcher: Currently only fires flame rounds*. Simply right click on a grenade launcher to switch settings.
You can repair the pistols and combat knife using the vanilla items + recipe required for base pistol and kitchen
knife (Needs tested)
*Flame rounds can only be crafted using 3x Gunpowder C
T Virus: The strain of virus that caused the undead to rise
G Virus: Powerful, unstable strain of virus with unknown side effects
Anti-Virus: The only known cure for the T Virus
Virus vials can be consumed, use with caution
Green Herb: Helps with pain, fatigue and endurance
Blue Herb: Helps with stress, anger and panic
Red Herb: Greatly increases the effectiveness of other herbs
First Aid Spray: Used to restore to full health and deal with overall well being (Currently removes infection, will
be removed on next update)
To use these items, expand them to show further details in your inventory and then right click for use/spray
Most of the time they won't work unless the details are expanded
*Multiples of herbs combined give stronger effects. Blue + red herbs must be combined with a green herb before
they can be consumed. Small healing properties will be added to herbs in the future.
Start as a member of either S.T.A.R.S., U.B.S.C. or U.S.S. 
Each member will spawn with a combat vest, combat knife and their own pistol variant and will have their own perks
S.T.A.R.S., U.S.S. and U.B.C.S. professions currently have very few spawn points, more will be added on next release.
If when you start a new game, and after the loading screen the game hangs loading. Quit and restart a new game, this
is due to an improper spawn point. So try again or try starting in West Point.
Combat Vest is a container you can wear on your back
Various misc items can be found laying around to enhance the Resident Evil Experience (more to be added)


Resident Evil Mod v.1
By Japer
This mod is designed for my Resident Evil Map Project but will work fully on vanilla PZ and with any other community
made maps.
Highly advised to read Mod Features.txt before starting.
Place Resident Evil Mod folder into C:\Users\NAME\Zomboid\mods\ folder, start up PZ, click mods and enable
Resident Evil Mod, restart game and start a new game to play mod.
Loot spawns are not fully tested, for additional spawns delete ResidentEvilMod_Distribution from
Resident Evil Mod\Resident Evil Mod\media\lua and replace it with ResidentEvilMod_Distribution X2 from the 
optional files folder.
I suggest you use the x2 Distribution for first time using the mod so you can explore the features easier.
Place ResidentEvilMod_Cheat.lua into Resident Evil Mod\media\lua folder to spawn with some of the mods items.
Please report any bugs and suggestions on the forum thread so I can fix and improve the mod.



Currently Available Features







Reloading Tool - Some may remember this from RE3, you find various types of gunpowder and using the reloading tool you can create ammo for your weapons

Herbs - Everyone has always wondered how the herbs in RE were administered to the body, and now you can do just that in PZ! Featuring red, green and blue herbs, which can be combined together to create more potent effects, they cover all your needs, from healing wounds to curing food poisoning or the cold

Strains Of Virus - Well the outbreak had to happen somehow didn't it? But with all these already infected zombies running around, what is the use for a vial of the T-Virus? Well one use is to drink it to see what it tastes like, another is to throw it at your friend in MP and see how long it takes him to turn, entirely your decision. But when there is one, there are many, also included is the G-Virus, the experimental strain that has unpredictable results. Will you consume it and become exceptionally strong, fast and posses regenerative abilities? Or will it consume you resulting in death? That is a risk some of you may be willing to take. Alternatively you could play it safe, and seek out the highly sought after Anti-Virus, perhaps one day it will save your life.


Weapons - So far we have handgun variants for military factions, combat knives and a grenade launcher that shoots flame rounds (not advised to be fired indoors, results may vary)


Professions - Enlist today in some of Raccoon's finest specially trained units


Factions - Start off as a member of S.T.A.R.S., U.B.C.S. or U.S.S. Play as your favorite and have a three way battle on MP. Each faction starts off with their own pistol variant, combat knife, specific traits and a combat vest to hold extra ammo + weapons. Wage war between opposing factions or group together for a common goal.


Planned Features

Guns - Variations of the pistols found through out the games, including the S.T.A.R.S 9mm handgun , magnums, bowgun, machine gun and the grenade launcher with interchangeable rounds


Appearance - To play the part, you must look the part. Uniforms for RPD, STARS, UBCS etc, and of course Wesker's stylish sunglasses

Infected - If possible in the future I will add some of the most renown monsters from the series, from dogs to hunters to the feared Nemesis

Your Suggestions - Any feature you can think of that would enhance the experience, feel free to request it or put some of your spare time in and help out on this project

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found it ;)  i definitely try it . did you plan to keep the items and the map seperate as mods ?

There will be 3 versions;

1) The mod was originally created in 4/5 different parts, so if you like one aspect of it, you can have that instead of the whole thing

2) The mod will work fully functional with vanilla maps, as well as other custom  maps

3) The mod will be tweaked further, with better + more specific spawn points for my Resident Evil Map 

I aim to please the best of both worlds.

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