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Image error while trying to upload my mod.


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" There is no preview.png file in the folder you chose."

I have tried 6 ways to sunday to get this to work, no matter what image I use, what size (it says 256x256) and it's in the correct location

C:\Users\derp\Zomboid\Workshop\derp\Contents\mods\derp <---- within that folder is the Media folder, mod.info and poster.png.


I tried using my own image I made for the mod with the right size, and .png format and I always get the same error: " There is no preview.png file in the folder you chose."


I've also renamed it to preview.png to no avail

I even copied the poster.png image from the template folder and get the same error. I've looked at other creators mods, the file structure, the image type and where it's located. (I know downloaded mods are in a different location than where they need to be to get uploaded)

If I had any hair left, I would pull it out.

What am I doing wrong?


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2 minutes ago, EnigmaGrey said:

It does not go into contents.


It goes in the folder before that. 

e.g. C:\Users\eg-ja\Zomboid\Workshop\ModTemplate

THANK YOU. My lord I've been trying for hours, I feel so stunned! Thank you a thousand times, may the wind be on your back and the sun on your face! 

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